Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... rain

I am thinking... how much people's lives can move on while you are not looking

I am thankful for... not having to do too much today, and for the nice rainy weather to rest

I am wearing... polar fleece jumper though I am feeling warmer now

I am remembering... how things were before

I am going... to my hometown

I am reading... maybe more Sandra Dallas if I haven't already read it

I am hoping... things go smoothly next week, yet more travelling and buying things, hopefully not too much

On my mind... survey places online

Noticing that... the hills have turned yellow

From the kitchen... quick mix cup cakes

Around the house... freshly picked raspberries in washed out margarine containers

One of my favourite things... my new loganberry cross berries, they tasted lovely from the bush

From my picture journal... my mullein before my husband finished the weeding

Simple Woman's Daybook from Peggy's blog.


Joyce said…
We have wild mullein here, Linda. I wonder if it grows worldwide, since our climates are so different?
Linda said…
We have a thinner one that grows by the roadsides and with what I call river weeds, they used to come up in the tobacco patches where I was growing up along with nightshade and other things.

I have wondered if they are the same or if the garden mullein grows wild there and in France.
Linda said…
I have wondered if nighshade is actually huckleberry. Maybe some earlier people used some of the riverweeds, and that is how they came to be.
Linda said…
For Aussie's here is a pic of the huckleberry.

Though I know nightshade is poisonous so maybe not.

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