2009 In Review

Happy New Year, Children with Umbrellas

Tonight here at our house, about an hour or so ago (it is nearly 10pm) there was a storm, like a tropical rainstorm far from the tropics. Sometimes it does rain on New Year's Eve where we live. It was nearly dark, and seemed like a hot day, but I think it was just humid. It is usually a dry heat here. The girls took the dog for a walk around the block so they would not have to cross roads. They only just made it home before the second torrent came.

Earlier in the day my daughter bought a spa from the op-shop. It is one you put in your existing bath. I cooled down in there, hadn't had a spa since the late 80s I think. Yes, it is true.

I have been inspired by Our Red House: 2009 in Review where Kate asks: "How has your life changed in 2009?"

The beauty of my memory is that now that it is nearly 2010 (wow) I am already starting to forget 2009.
I suppose some good things happened at the end that make me look forward to positive changes that will be occuring as things start to get moving again after the New Year.

At the end of this year my second son went to stay at his brother and his brother's girlfriend's flat in the city, and they offered for him to come and live with them this coming year and onwards. This means I have less pressure to sell one of our houses.

In April I decided to live six months this year at our house we bought on August 31, 2007. I wanted to see if I liked it there. I think I stayed one night. I even have photos of the big day when we moved in. You wouldn't believe all the things that went wrong after that that prevented us from moving in.

It has been a busy year at work for my husband, and only a few weeks ago we finally got the tyres for the trailer, and we still have sewing to do on my doona that fell to bits in the wash after the mouse episode.

The other big pressure off it that the whole two years of VCE, Year 12 are over and my son got a good score, and in all likelyhood he will be going to a prestigious university next year.

During the busy time though we wanted to apply for a new job, but it didn't happen. The job that we wanted keeps getting readvertised. I don't like to talk about it, it is between you, me and the gatepost. But it would be worth having a go at applying for it.

Living remotely we decided in our case could be a little irresponsible possibly. Even today we were reminded of the difficulties when my daughter tried having her hair cut. She couldn't get it cut before Christmas, this was probably due to the $400 we spend on fuel. Yes, the bills were put off, and thankfully I paid them all yesterday. Luckily I still have some hamper food left, so today my husband did another small food shop.

How do you apply for a job 3 hours away while still owning two houses. It will keep me busy thinking won't it?

Failing all that, I could just spend the year enjoying the scenery, and trusting God to keep us, as he has over and over again this year and the end of last year. Even on Christmas Day the car I was driving could have sprung its leak, but waited until I got home from my 3 hour drive.

We are in the middle of rearranging the children's rooms. Our son probably will be with us for another two weeks. He has been back and forth and I think is looking forward to going back to his home in the city. Rain has fell on their gardening there, they had dug up their vegie patch and my husband helped tidy up, so maybe it will look more like home on their return. They rented a house after they decided he was living with them so they all have enough space and they decided to get a new pet and will pick it up after their holiday. Apparently Ikea has pet stuff and they have bought something I imagine is cute for him.

The first post I ever did about my son setting up house was here. This year we celebrated his graduation from uni in August.

The saddest part of this year was the girls giving up their dancing classes. I couldn't see how we could move and be in town every night of the week for classes, gym or Youth Group. I think now it was a blessing, as our son needed lots of support during his VCE year. As it turned out our daughter who danced had trouble with her toe and it would have been very painful to dance.

Also her older sister went to Malaysia at the end of the year, the kids who went had a reunion very recently, but due to the driving/petrol and time thing she was unable to go. However the teacher was very kind and sent a DVD with photos and a video of a concert they did while at school there for us to take to family to watch on Christmas Day.


Out Back said…
Happy New Year to you and your family Linda.
Tracy said…
Wishing you a happy 2010 Linda.Your posts are always interesting and good to read.
Linda said…
I wish you both a Happy New Year as well.

I have been thinking of you Tracy, hope to write up something about what I have been reading. Glad I found your new blog.
Joyce said…
What a busy, challenging year your family has had, Linda. Congratulations to your son for doing so well with his studies and going on to uni. I hope you get the two houses situation sorted out.
Linda said…
We can't live there in the short term because of the cost of travel. I'm sure something will work out.

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