Back to Basics Challenge

For the last two weeks:

Sowing seed or Planting

  • We have sprinkled around some flower seeds we were given, but only a few. Have more to put out.
  • Harvested chives again for a meal with frozen fish from the supermarket.
  • My husband thinned out the jam melon seedlings

Planning for The Future

  • Writing a list of things to bring my our older son's new house, tools etc to help out, and furniture for our other son and linen
  • Did my meal plan around a Chrisco delivery
  • Got ideas for next years Chrisco or Hamper King
  • Our second son visited Superbarn and found it had nice cheese and things

Working for the Future

  • My husband was able to pick up straw while in our hometown going to the dentist
  • Paid for the VicSwim classes
  • I got another item for my daughter's Christmas concert from ebay, my husband ironed the top and I had my daughter try the outfit on and take it to school
  • My husband went through the shoe box and found shoes that fit my youngest daughter
  • I bought the updated version of my capris as the normal ones I wear with start to look shabby soon
  • Got some sundresses on ebay for my little girl to replace some smaller ones
  • My husband welded up his trailer

Building Community

  • Got a kitchen rubbish bag full of shoes to go to the op-shop
  • Went to gymnastics awards night
  • Our eldest daughter served at a senior citizens dinner

Learn a new Skill

  • Watched an episode of River Cottage summer about sour dough making
  • Our second son tried out the interstate bus and everything worked smoothy and came home for a little while
  • My daughter cut out a small fabric handbag and had to work out how to put handles on it
  • The kids pushed themselves and wrapped their sister's birthday presents in the car so we could be ready for the party when we got home
  • The girls used philo pastry to make pizzas, they are very clever, they are nice to eat!
  • Our second son started making bottled sauce meals and a couple of days ago made something from scratch

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


scrappy quilter said…
Love your back to basics challenge. I've put mine on hold for a wee bit, just too much else going on.

As to the boys, doing okay. It gets easier as the days go by. We talk to J every couple nights and I get e-mails in regards to M. With just C here now, we are learning how to relax more and we don't have to keep any schedules. Love it!!
Virginia said…
Mmm. Love it!

I've been cooking three to four weeknights. It's taken some planning ahead to get fresh organic ingredients, but I think it is paying off in the long-run.

My family has been enjoying it too, which rocks.

And we've gone back to the tradition of having a big Sunday dinner, inviting over friends and family. It's so lovely.

We don't have much, with the exception of books, our lives are simple. We eat off of card tables with mismatched plates and silverware (if there's too many of us), but we have fun, and we enjoy the camaraderie.

Life. Is. Good.
Linda said…
Virginia, sounds like you are doing all the right things, who can go wrong with books and good food and family traditions.

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