Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting
  • I got some Fothergills Okra, so that is good, I will have a better idea when to plant them. I am very confused about that. Want to try some recipes that are from India, or Indian styled.
  • My daughter has been eating some loganberry cross berries.

Planning for The Future
  • I have ordered my Hamper King for next year, need to order Chrisco as they are taking a small amount of money out.
  • I am working on getting some loquats. Even if I don't get to make jelly, I will at least be reminded of the fruit and what it is like.

Working for the Future
  • Sorted through and measured curtains and put stickers on them for my son's new house he is renting. It needed three lace/sheer curtains for the bedrooms. My Mum reminded me I had them. There are three each in two designs. I will have a set let over. I was concerned I had overbought on ebay, so happy someone can use them.
  • The girls moved around their rooms, though they probably shouldn't have as their brother may be with us through January, they did ask, but still. They will bunk together, but their rooms are looking nice. I bought a new laundry hamper and rubbish bin for middle daughter and a waste paper basket for our son's new room in the city. I hardly ever buy stuff new like that, but the hamper looks nice.
  • We went through some of our son's stuff to take to him and found he can help sort through the clothes that it looks like he doesn't want anymore.
  • My husband has been to Bunnings to look at how to attach Coolaroo shades to my son's house using the fixing that are there on the house already.
  • My husband brought home a Chinese cookbook from the 70s perhaps. It had a lot of recipes with basic ingredients and some where you could make things yourself like dim sim wrappers.
  • My husband wired the lights on his trailer, they were not working, and we bought a replacement headlight for my car online.

Building Community
  • I went to a kids End of Year concert.
  • Took the we found last week to the op-shop.
  • Talking to people I don't usually get to see on Facebook.

Learn a new Skill
  • Well we are going through the fire motions, relearning what we learnt last year with listening to the radio, checking the weather forecast, checking the internet. There was a fire siren this morning, so glad I live near it and can hear it. The weather conditions are favourable, again I learnt this helpful information from the NSW fire service site about the fire near us that is not out. They said these conditions do not endanger lives so I found that helpful.
  • My eight year old daughter has been doing a lot of baking.
  • Our second son took the bus from the city to their new rental house. He learnt the route and the platform?
  • I think my husband has been teaching my middle daughter (12) how to tie trailer ropes.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog. "Independence is being ready for whatever comes." ~ From The Chatelaine's Keys


Pauline said…
I really enjoyed reading about what you all have been up to! Sounds as if you are keeping busy and involved in lots! Have a wonderful Christmas!
Linda said…
Thank you Pauline. I look forward to visiting your blog in the coming year.
scrappy quilter said…
I love reading this. You guys are always busy. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Hugs

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