Country Music Pic ~ Aussie

It's My Town - Sovereign

Kelly | MySpace Video


Tatersmama said…
So is it? Your town, I mean?
When I first came here, I moved to a tiny town called Snake Valley and I absolutely loved it!
It's grown a lot in the last couple of years though, and property prices are ridiculous now!
Linda said…
Wow, I just read that they are a Victorian band, that makes what they say even more believable doesn't it? For me, iykwim. Maybe they are from Sovereign Hill?

I was wondering why they have the problem about girls, I know some towns in the west of the State are like that I think.

There seems to be a few that look unattached here, so where do all the girl's go?

We don't actually have a corner store, so it can't be our town, you had me wondering there for a minute. I definitely can relate to the song.

I can't knock the fact that we don't have a corner store in public or I may be taken outside for a dustup lol, maybe I am not a blowin anymore, I wonder how long that takes. Don't think I am there yet.

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