Do you like Gentle Read novels?

They are the ones that are not very confronting. For example one of my favourite gentle read authors is Jan Karon or Philip Gulley which is similar.

I was wondering if you like the equivalent in movies, though I am not sure what they are called. The movies I am comfortable with are things like The Sounds of Music, and the Love Comes Softly series which there are eight of now.

The other day I watched part of a movie called Ballet Shoes. It is set in the 1920s. It is interesting from a simple living point of view. The part I saw, the middle part was gentle. It was aired on Austar on Hallmark. If any of you have a similar taste in movies please let us know some other good movies.

I know I like the movie made about Laura Ingalls Wilder, will have to pop in the name later (Beyond ...?).

Here is the trailer for Ballet Shoes.

Ballet Shoes is screening on Hallmark on Austar on Monday night at 10:15pm.


Linda said…
Oh yes I love Jan Karon books and Jeannette Oke and all of those "Gentle Reads". And all of the movies too. This Christmas the Hallmark channel has great movies everyday from noon to midnight. I LOVE that!

I love the "Love Comes Softly " series, books and movies. I love Christian movies that have good plots and stories, like Flywheel and Facing The Giants, and of course Fireproof!
JGH said…
This is a new concept for me, Linda - you've got me thinking about things I've read that might be considered "gentle". Have you seen or read "I Capture the Castle?" . I also like Kaye Gibbons "Charms for the Easy Life". I think they both might be considered "gentle" reads.
Virginia said…
I didn't know they were called Gentle Reads, but that's pretty much all I read these days.

Same goes for music, television and movies.

One of my favorite movies is "Michael" It always makes me smile. Also "L.A. Story"

I'm only inputting positive stuff now.

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