Fire Problems Already

I'm sorry I don't have a photo for you, one camera is taking pink photos and the other I got the batteries, but by then the wind had changed direction and our horrible looking sky changed back to normal.

What to say? It was a fairly warm day, not so warm in the house, probably because it was cool last night. Then a wind came that was hotter than the air outside. Very strong.

As I said on my other blog, I haven't gone on my usual grocery shop for three fortnights. I had decided not to go today either. Last night we finished up a "half-shop" based on left overs from my Christmas hampers, left over and ordered vegetables and bread, and my menu plan.

Since about lunchtime, or later when we heard about it, we were listening to the radio etc. because I needed to know if we were safe. We listened to our wind up radio. Two small towns were in danger, that has passed now. My daughter's friend's family came into our town to be safe, they have gone home again now. The fire is not contained, but the wind has changed.

Last I heard it was going near a lovely pub that I have photographed I think on this blog and perhaps into the bushland. Two houses were lost so our community will feel this, we don't know who's house yet possibly people we know.

It has been raining a little but apparently it won't rain as much in the fire area.

We had a fairly long black out today. I didn't feel hot for very long. My little girl's room was cooler than mine, but I didn't have to stay there long.

There was an issue with the governments warning thing, but I don't know a lot about it to comment. All I heard was that it needed power in some way.

My shopping route was where the fire was, I probably would have just been home, not sure.


belinda said…
You certainly have my best wishes. I hope that wind stays changed until they get it under control.

It's going to be an interesting summer.

Kind Regards
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Friday afternoon now - how are things in your area now. CFA wbsite was down so hope you finally got all the warnings.
Poured for hours here in our part of Melbourne last night
Take care
Linda said…
I think what happened is the horrible weird weather started and we commented that it was nasty for fires. They we heard the fire siren at the CFA shed nearby.

We were listening to the radio and the fire people from Tumut mentioned which towns were safe to move to.

Today there are still airplanes around, no smoke really.

It is cooler and I haven't heard much about the fires. There didn't seem to be much mention on it on sites, but I know last night the fire had grown quite a lot.
Linda said…
We could actually see the smoke cloud yesterday.

I think they may have mentioned Tumbarumba yesterday. Maybe there was a big effort and it is away from the houses now.
Linda said…
"A fire is burning in the area of Tooma. The fire impacted on a number of properties in the area yesterday around Welaragang however the immediate threat has now eased.

The fire is over 8000 hectares and although 11 millimeters of rain was recorded on the fire ground over night the fire remains uncontained on the northern and eastern edges.

The focus today is on the edge of the fire, north of Tooma Village in the Bogandyra Nature Reserve and along private properties where approximately 20 fire tankers and over 60 fire fighters will endeavour to strengthen control lines with the assistance of aircraft.

Heavy smoke is affecting the area. Motorists should exercise caution and avoid the area if possible."

We have to drive near the entrance to some road closures, hopefully that is OK.
Linda said…
scrappy quilter said…
I hope you keep safe. If I remember right the fires were bad last year too near you. Hugs

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