More local birdlife

This is a video my middle daughter took at her eldest brother's place that he just moved into. I like the video because of the bird noises, including a crow, the Aussie street scene (a bit like the TV show Neighbours possibly?), and my husband's Aussie accent. My daughter's commentary is that they left the baby behind!

You can have front row seats to the moving that took place last weekend, as least what went on out in the street in a quiet moment. Apparently my husband didn't know she was recording.


Serendipity said…
Just dropping in to wish you and all at home a blessed Christmas filled with love & joy and a merry & peaceful New Year!
Merry Christmas to you and your family Linda.

Gill in a snowy Canada
Tilly said…
Hi Linda, just a quick visit to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!
Tatersmama said…
Are they Galahs? I've never seen them that close before, so I can't really tell, but it was pretty clear the Mum and Dad kind of left junior on his own there! lol!

I hope you're enjoying a very Merry Christmas today, and that all your Christmas wishes come true!!!
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
Is it a bird making the baby noises? The neighborhood looks quite nice.
Linda said…
Thank you all for your Christmas wishes. It means a lot. xxx
Michele J said…
Hi Linda, love the bird noises, can't wait for the Spring to hear them once more. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, happy New year!
Linda said…
Yes, galahs. It was the title but I don't think the title has shown up for the video.

I'm not sure Joyce, I'll listen again later.

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