Saturday 9

1. What did you think of 2009?
I really enjoyed the winter, and it seemed to last for ages, and then it was Christmas.

2. What do you think was the news story of the year?
The bushfires in Kinglake & Flowerdale.

3. What happened this year that you never want to hear another word about?
Today, being Boxing Day, I suppose it is relaxing and nothing like that comes up. Things have turned out nice, those things may fade away.

4. What was your favorite song of 2009?
South Carolina Low Country ~ Josh Turner

5. What did you accomplish this year?
Making it to the end of the year! That is dramatic, but we had a lot on.

6. Did you learn anything new this year?
How much God can love us, when he looks after us. Or said the other way when he looks out for us, I didn't realise how it can feel like love. For example, I could have been driving home as usual about that time, when that fire in my banner came. It was 40oC and windy.

7. What are you looking forward to in the new year?
New things, things moving forward. That is not to say I don't want things to stay the same as well.

8. What are your plans for New Year's Eve?
I like being home on New Year's Eve.

9. What's the best thing you ever did on a New Year's Eve?
I think staying up all night. Not sure if that was when I watched the sun come up over layers of mountains.


scrappy quilter said…
I enjoyed reading this. In 42 years of marriage we've never gone out for New Year's Eve. We love staying home and watching old movies or playing games. It'll be the same thing this year. Hugs
Civilla said…
Good post. I'm gonna stay up to watch the new year come in, I think. Hope you had a merry Christmas.
Connie Peterson said…
My two most memorable New Years were total opposites (maybe I should blog about them?) .... when I was in High School, I skated at a friend's ice rink in their yard at midnight. The second was when I swam in a friend's pool at midnight (in Australia, of all places!!) .... two that I will never forget, probably because they WERE total opposites. Have a blessed new year!

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