Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday...

Outside my window... apparently there is an wattlebird's nest in a tree out the front

I am thinking... just keeping track of what the girls are doing

I am thankful for... my husband's trip to the bus stop is easier this time with our second child, we bought a house half way, and they had their lunch there, we bought the house two years ago, and had the bus stop in mind, I had forgotten in some ways, interesting we are now making use of it

I am wearing... brown capris from BigW. I had bought some a couple of years ago, and the are basically the same only stretchier. If you are thinking of buying some, buy a size up from what you normally buy (these are larger sized capris not normal sized)

I am remembering... lots of bits and pieces, last Christmas, as above, but only little bits

I am going... to an end of year award night I think

I am reading... River Cottage Everyday, you need to sit up properly to read it, so big

I am hoping... my son gets a casual job with something like the CSIRO, sounds like a lot of fun

On my mind... nothing now, everything is winding down for the night

Noticing that... we made good choices with the older girls clothes, I like all that we bought. We got a pair of shorts and an Aussie t-shirt for the eldest, and a penguin, Jacksons and another t-shirt for my middle daughter (Target), they look nice with simple grey shorts

From the kitchen... a dish made from salami and cream, we got that but still have some items to finish buying on our shopping list

Around the house... my daughter asked her sister to help her find a stick, they got a nice one and she painted it silver, put some leaf lights from Target? on them and stuck on a card, it is a card tree.

One of my favourite things... having Chrisco food around at this time of year. I gave my son some pancake shake and some frozen cheese to take home, plus some pasta sauce to make his tea/dinner and breakfast until he has time to shop, when I say home, his brother's place. However he is practising to cook for himself, he may have to still go into uni accommodation depending on his marks

From my picture journal... the nest:

This meme from Peggy.


Pauline said…
HA! I really enjoyed reading this post!!! It was like I was right at your home - picturing all those things you described in my mind- what fun! Thanks for telling about your day- it was really nice/ neighbourly was the feeling I had. Like I could pop right in and share that Cristco hamper you mentioned!!!
Blessings to you and thanks for your lovely comments at my blog! I am going to have a look at some of those jars you mentioned... I haven't heard of them before- but I hadn't heard of the vacola ones either. You sure can learn a lot in this mothering/ housekeeping job!
Lynda said…
Lovely to read you again, Linda & hope that you & your family are keeping well ... thanks for all the comments on my blog. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
Just checking in on you, to see how you and your family are doing. :)

What is a Cristco hamper? Is it groceries that are delivered to your home? Maybe we don't have that service here...

In about half an hour it will be time to return to church for the Sunday evening service. It seems so late, with the sunset being just a bit past 4pm now.

I really want to do a Daybook post tomorrow. I have missed two weeks, I think.

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