Thankful Thursday

This week's Thankful Thursday is at Women Taking a Stand.

I am happy I have been doing 30 Days of Thanksgiving at Karla's blog, I wanted to practise to get back into Thankful Thursday, back into the habit. It worked because after the 30 Days were over on Monday, I found I wanted to record things when I thought of them, well Wednesday's in particular.

Wednesday ~ a lovely lady waiting for my daughter to walk into a place where they were catering. My daughter had helped set up the tables, came home, and when she went back there were cars and people everywhere. She had a nice time serving.

For my thankful things from Thursday to Monday you can view them here.


scrappy quilter said…
I love these thankful posts, no matter what day they are. I think our attitudes change when we are thankful no matter what. Hugs..
Ganeida said…
It is so important to cultivate a grateful heart! I remember that of the 10 lepers only one returned to give thanks & how sad Jesus was about that & I don't want to be like the 9 who forgot ~ or were too busy living their new lives. I want to remember to say thank you for every blessing God gives.
Denise said…
May your thankful heart be sweetly blessed.

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