Thankful Thursday

Thursday: my daughters found some lovely things for my younger daughter's birthday party, it all went very well.

We live far from the shops, and our daughter asked for something in particular from the online catalogue. When we got there in the afternoon there was one left, which was fantastic.

I stopped on our trip for a toilet break, and just as I parked the car I got a nice phone call about my fruit delivery offering for it to be delivered early, on the day I used to get it.

~ I got some seeds Mum/Mom collected from my brother's garden

Friday: some kind of order was restored in the house

Saturday: the girls found a nice place they didn't know about for swimming and they really enjoyed it

~ our eight year old daughter did some sewing

~ got lots of mowing done

Sunday: our son had a hassle free trip on the bus

~ the girls made use of some left over philo pastry and make some pizza rounds, their idea

~ I wore my new capris and they are nicer than I thought, as good as the older ones

Monday: got word that my son was allowed to get a house, he is currently living in a flat. Looking at what was around and the position, it is fantastic. Sure there are some things that have to be got around, but it is tidy and handy too.

Tuesday: our daughter got a trophy for gymnastics. It is the first sporting trophy for someone in our family

~ my Mum/Mom got a new pet

Wednesday: Got the back lawn mown. I found I liked it out there, it has changed with the neighbours and our trees getting bigger. Had ideas how I could improve it.

~ got two of our trailer tyres bought at long last.

Being Grateful

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Denise said…
Nice blessings.
Debbie said…
What a wonderful list of blessings. Have a great week..Debbie
A Gracious Home said…
I'm glad your daughter had a good birthday. I love mums. They are so easy to care for. Have a great week. Doylene
Joyce said…
Hi, Linda,
It's a blessing hearing the things for which you're thankful. It turns my heart in thankful paths as well. :)

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