That's My World Tuesday

On Friday I went out to the interstate highway, (it is freeway most of the way) and stopped at the conveniences as I try to arrive early. The toilets were being cleaned so I drank the drink I had brought from home in the Eski/cooler. I spotted an echidna walking across the lawn from the creek. This lawn actually joins onto the highway at the end of it. He went to the side fence where the elm tree was, it is a bit sandy there.

He only curled up into a ball twice and quickly uncurled. I had put my bag down and I thought he was going to walk over it. A lady at a shop jokingly said he may have hopped in!

What a lovely quiet echidna!


joolzmac said…
Hi Linda

Great to see some of our rare Australia wildlife. Echidnas are a queer creature, aren't they? We see a few around here, usually on the road sides. Thanks for the pics,

eileeninmd said…
Cool looking critter and great photos.
Pauline said…
Oh! How exciting to see an echidna! I have seen a couple in my life but they are always so much fun to find! They are such amazingly different animals aren't they!?

Linda said…
I hope you get to see another sometime soon Pauline.
Joyce said…
Is the echidna related to the porcupine? Are its spines prickly? It is an interesting creature!
Virginia said…

I've never seen one in person, and for you to just spot one... sigh.

Linda said…
I can't remember what we called them in the 1960s before we were encouraged to start using proper names for things. I think may call them a porcupine.

There are lots in other countries to yours but no mention of the Australian ones.

If you look at the picture on the link, I haven't seen ours to that with their hand. Of course the nose is very different.
Ganeida said…
We have them round here too.

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