Where have I been for three days?

Not on this blog by the looks of things. I'm sure I have been reading something though.

On Sunday I am not sure what I was doing. On Monday though at 7am was the time for the ENTER scores in Victoria where I live. They are scores for the kids who did their Year 12 or VCE. My son did his VCE, so my husband got up early to find out the score. We have been plotting and planning for over two years to work out how to get our son into university smoothly, so have only have over two months to go. So far so good.

I think the kids have done a better job of it than Mum & Dad. But with a group effort of lots of people, and a great sustained effort from our son, he got a good mark. He did all the hard subjects and if you look at his VCE papers there are marks there from years 2007, 2008 and 2009.

He is clearly in the university where he will be living, and has a good chance of going to a university that is acknowledged overseas. He is very unassuming, I hope it all gradually sinks in for him.

Here are the other good things that have been happening here.

~ Friday a bird visited our garden. I had heard it but never seen it. I know I say that a lot. This is a standard bird called a Rufous Whistler. My daughter got three hardly used gameboy games from the op-shop

~ Saturday the bird was back again. My husband got a cookbook and a frypan from the op-shop

~ our welder blew a fuse, luckily he was able to buy fusewire at that late time, and the computer was able to be restarted again. Also it prompted my husband to look at the UPS and see why it is not working

~ I looked on ebay for curtains for my son and found some curtains that I needed for the bathroom.


Tatersmama said…
Good for your son! What a load off all of your minds, and it'll soon be all over, except for the memories. :-)

I had to laugh at that one paragraph tho...
"Saturday the bird was back again. My husband got a cookbook and a frypan from the op-shop."
Now I'm wondering if that cookbook had any recipes for fried Rufus Whistlers in it! lol!

I just love op-shopping, but since ours are open at odd hours, I never seem to get the timing right anymore. :-(
belinda said…
Congratulations to your son on the score. That said I expect he wouldn't have got there without a whole lot of family support so cudos to all of you.

Kind Regards
Hill upon Hill said…
Merry Christmas to you. Thinking of Victoria today with high temps.

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