Back to Basics Challenge

Post started on the 1st January. So maybe this is for the past month?

Sowing seed or Planting

  • I ate some strawberries from the new house. The girls love growing strawberries. My middle daughter planted a small vegie patch here at our usual house. It is roughtly fenced off from our largish dog. She harvested and we ate her first cucumber.

Planning for The Future

  • We plan on buying a sharpening stone for our knives. My husband went through the freezer and I did a menu plan from that. Only had to buy 1lb/500g of meat from memory for two weeks.
  • I'm thinking of taking down one of the girl's curtains as it has a piece that has come apart, and work out which one of my three space curtains would replace it, and work with my husband to get it sewn and rehung.

Working for the Future

  • My husband has started to glue up our two chairs that are just a bunch of spindles pointing upwards. It is nice for us to have the time to catch up on those jobs.
  • My husband has also been going through boxes, in case we ever want to move. Throwing things out, and he also found some work he did that will help him this year at work.
  • He got our son's computer ready for his sister to take over as he now has a laptop. Her laptop is not working. He also repaired our middle daughter's computer and she is now using it.
  • We found these doors today, at the tip, for free. I must tell you in advance, that for our other house, the investment come holiday house one, that I needed two doors. One with glass in it for the kitchen that is dark. The second a security for the front door that has rectangular glass in it, with brown windows beside it. It also needed a panel that wasn't mesh at the bottom to help with keeping out snakes, which is why I wanted the door, in case the kids leave the main door open.

This is what I got, just what I ordered. OK, they need work. The kitchen door fits really well. No tall order in an older house.

Yes, my house does not obviously have a defendable space, despite my earlier posts. I am getting there though, thinking and reading. But in my defence snow is forecast in some parts of the North East for Monday. Yes, really. Says me at 9.30 pm Saturday with a fan blowing on my back.

  • My husband took a whole trailer load of junk to the tip.

Building Community

  • We finally found the parts to a toy stove that were missing in readiness to take it to the op-shop. Later we look a fairly large number of clothes. An old doona bag full and another couple of bags.

Learn a new Skill

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


scrappy quilter said…
I always enjoy reading these back to basics challenges. Makes me take a look at what I'm doing. Hugs
Virginia said…
Fabulous work with those two doors!

How are you doing with all the fires nearby? I've been worried since your last post.
Linda said…
I'm sorry Virginia, I was wondering if anyone was doing that. It is fine, actually cold here. I should do a post like the simple woman one to update everyone on what' happening.
Umatji said…
Great post - reminds me of one I just did! I will have a look at the other blog as well - thanks for the inspiration...

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