Back To Basics Challenge

For the last two weeks.

Sowing seed or Planting

  • My daughter has a vege patch with tomatoes, cucumbers and capsicum. The tomatoes and capsicum are getting there, and she plans to enter her vegetables in the Agricultural Show in March.

Planning for The Future

  • I found a recipe that is perfect to add to our recipes for menu planning purposes. It is a Japanese pancake and uses pork mince. Here is the recipe. Something I have had trouble finding recipes for in the past. I don't want to buy double the quantity to make meatballs.

I am pretty sure my son ate one of these at a restaurant recently, and though I was interested, it was nothing compared to eating one. They are fantastic. My husband and I had three each, very filling, and we had one left over for my daughter's lunch. They are healthy as they have cabbage in them.

Is this it do you think? Okonomiyaki.

Working for the Future

  • More work has been done on glueing up the chairs and the wetstone I think was purchased.
  • Two weeks to the day and the door my husband found at the tip/dump has been mounted in its permanent home, in the kitchen of our second home. It seems longer ago than that, two weeks, wow.
  • The door that used to be in the kitchen is perfect for our bathroom/bedroom entrance. There is no door there, and the white doorknob is nice. Secondhand doors cost around $40 or $15 if they need work. Free is much better for us.

Building Community

  • My husband took the toy stove to the op-shop.
  • We caught and gave some of our pond fish to the school, two days before school starts.

Learn a new Skill

N/A. I want to buy the book by Andrew Winter to learn more about effectively selling houses.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
That Japanese pancake looks delicious! Your son looks as if he's about to enjoy the treat. :)

Our 21-year old daughter is looking into something called 'working holiday' in Australia. I think she gets trained to do some kind of work on a ranch? I guess I'll find out more soon...
Linda said…
Hi Joyce. It could be at what we call a cattle station, which is probably exactly a ranch.
Tracy said…
Hello Linda,
You have won the giveaway on my blog from back in mid-January. Could yu please contact me with your details at sunnycorner2340 at yahoo dot com dot au
scrappy quilter said…
That pancake does look delicious. Enjoyed this list again. Hugs

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