Costco Melbourne

Recently my son and his girlfriend went to Costco in Melbourne. They went after Christmas. They stayed in Melbourne on their way to South Australia. They were really excited to be there. It all seems a long time ago now, but really it wasn't, only a week and a half.

I came across a very good blog post about Costco in Melbourne at Sesame Ellis. A note on that post: Anyone who wants to buy black beans in Australia try this shop in Canberra. For all the Aussie's who say we have black beans in Australia, that is true, but bloggers know from reading American blogs, that black beans to Americans are black turtle beans, not salted Asian black beans. I love them myself, my family are not as keen. I think feijoada or black bean soup is just delicious! Here is a picture of the ones I have. It is a shock that the soup is actually black. My kids do like one of the soup recipes I found, that is more like a stew.


joolzmac said…
Jeepers! - Vegemite in a kilo tub - would take us 6 months to get through!...well, 3 months! And Philly cream cheese - Kirby would be in Philly heaven!
Being on ly a family of 4 or really only 3 now, I don't need to buy i bulk. When we next get over to Melbourne, I will definitely go to Costco - just for a gander!

Cheers - Joolz :D
Virginia said…
I had some truly outstanding Feijoada on New Years Day! Such good stuff.

I'm not sure I've ever had an Asian black bean.

Off to Chinatown...
Linda said…
Sounds good Virginia. Look for much smaller cans.
Civilla said…
I loved having a look at that.
Jerome said…
Hey treechangers. This may be of interest. A company called Fairdinks has set up that delivers Costco. They are independent from Costco but have it all online to view and buy.

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