More Ournie Fire Pics

This is the fire I mentioned before. It took place on my usual food shopping day. Amazingly, I was safe at home because I had decided I had enough food from hampers that I didn't need to go shopping. It took place around the time, or possibly an hour after I would have arrived home.

I went shopping this week and saw this end of the fires, along the road I would have taken. It went right up to so many houses. After I got home, after seeing a sign on a tree saying Fire ring 000 or something like that, I am curious if my mobile phone would work in that area. I know it is quite possible it would not.


belinda said…
Now 12 months later driving through the areas that got burned out last year still gets to me. We picked up some ducks from a permie property that got burned last year recently and although you can see the bush doing its best to regenerate you can also see a whole lot of that bush is never coming back in its original form.

Kind Regards
Virginia said…
Wow, that is scary! So close.

I'm glad you're safe.

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