Nearly Back to School Time

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Everyone goes back to school here on February 1, the first day of the last month of summer, traditionally the hottest month.

Even our uni boy starts on that date. My husband though has already been back at work at his leisure getting ready for a 27th start I think. He has been doing little bits of work late at night at home too.

The girls are coming home from their holiday as my eldest daughter is getting baptised.

They took my camera and have been taking lots of pictures, so hopefully I can make good use of some on the blog.

Our silver anniversary is in 4 days. We usually celebrate with a pavlova in honor of Australia Day as well.

Today there was a fire quite close to the town, 7 fire trucks later it was safe. Not a code red day here, but extreme. Hot with a strong wind blowing. And still blowing and hot at 10pm. Not a case of going somewhere for the day and coming back, but I'm not sure.

More pets at our house, the girls are bringing home hermit crabs, hopefully that is it for a very long time. One of my daughters has a gardening bug, and is bringing home some pot plants.

I got two nice paperbacks on ebay, so I am reading one now.

Our son got a place from UAC for uni despite the fact that we live in Victoria. He has accepted it, and he lives within 100 metres of the uni. However, his bike has a puncture, and he is unfamiliar with getting around that suburb, so we help him out a little each day, as there is only 9 days left. I have a map of the bike track but he hasn't been on it in that direction yet. It takes a little more than 100 metres with the layout of the streets.

It has turned out well as the Victorian uni had a ballot for rooms to stay in, and he missed out with that. We were able to say that he didn't need the room at the moment.

Still no names for the mango coloured canary or the dark lemon and white one. I thought of parfait, but decided her colour was mango not peach.


Virginia said…
I'm sorry to hear about the fire.

That is so scary.

On a lighter note, I am DYING laughing about the "daughter bringing home pot plants" because in the US that would mean marijuana plants, not plants in a pot. :)
Belinda said…
Hi Lynda,

I am saddened to hear it has been such a stressful summer for you due to fires.

Very unusual to me for a uni to be going back that early. In Vic tafes go back about then but Uni's didn't and by all reports of current students still don't go back until first week of March.

I sure hope you guys get some decent rain and your weather conditions settle down. I know what spending 2-3 months on super high alert is like and whoooeee it isn't fun.

Kind Regards

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