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FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... victory today. We have a pumpkin pot that my husband said for probably ten years he couldn't get the plant out of it. Yay, it is empty.

I am thinking... my Aussie blogging friends must be very busy, I have been enjoying though the ones that have popped into blogland the past day or so

I am thankful for... the novels I found to reserve online to pick up one day at the library

I am wearing... brown sleeveless shirt and green capris

I am remembering... to go mow lawns at the other house, it is hard to keep track when we went there last. Don't want to stop cleaning up here.

I am going... maybe to test our our new headlight. We ordered it online and my husband fitted it. It wasn't sitting in properly, something the previous owner had rigged up that is not working anymore.

I am reading... still waiting for the library to open. Because it is in a council building and the council isn't open, well the library says it is, but it aint.

I am hoping... I catch up on my sleep, I haven't had much at all, tonight everyone seems to be going to sleep, maybe cooler weather and the trip to the skate park

On my mind... I didn't make it shopping for shoes etc. at the regional centre, but did find I have some cash over so may buy some sale clothes online for my daughter who has been very patient. I owe her a trip to the movies though, I wrote out an IOU, not sure of the details now, hence the IOU

Noticing that... my daughter bought an airfreshener for the toilet room, it has a movement sensor, at first I was scared on it, thought it would get me in the eyes lol

From the kitchen... awful batch of kabana from a hamper, at least we have finished it now

Around the house... some Christmas lights have been put away in working condition for next year.

One of my favourite things... my daughter's new ripstick, they seem to bring joy to people who watch and ride them

From my picture journal... this camera is not going to work again, there is a slight pink in the photo. I will have to start using the old camera my son lent my daughter. Feverfew.

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Caroline said…
Happy New Year Linda!! I hope it is a great year for you & your family.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
What is kabana?
As for movies, my husband and I enjoyed Avatar (in 3D) recently. It was beautifully done. Have you and your daughter seen it yet?

Take care! <3
Linda said…
Hi Joyce.

Avatar was showing before New Year, I thought that would be a good one to see, though they are not keen because they like the TV avatar a lot, apparently not as good. Have you seen the TV one?

Thanks Caroline, popped by, but didn't comment. I hope you have a good New Year too.
Linda said…
Oops, kabana is kabanos. It is polish cabonassi.

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