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FOR TODAY Saturday...

Outside my window... a bit hazy from smoke

I am thinking... how I would like to call our two new hermit crabs Krusty and Eugene, but they tell me that Krusty is a diner.

I am thankful for... my son's first lawnmower, from ebay, that works!

I am wearing... board shorts and sleeveless shirt, no I am not wearing it out in public

I am remembering... my childhood home, my daughter's took pictures of the garden and the creek and river (see below)

I am going... perhaps shopping next week, I haven't had to go for ages, but maybe one more time before we get back into the swing of things. My husband's car is in the workshop too.

I am reading... I have just finished Maggie Brendan's No Place For A Lady

I am hoping... I can get a pineapple for the tank

On my mind... getting things ready for uni and school

Noticing that... it is hot again today, it is supposed to be 35 oC outside, but it is 40 oC on our thermometer outside on the verandah

From the kitchen... Chow Mein, which in Australia is hamburger or beef mince, cabbage, green beans, celery, chicken noodle soup and curry powder

Around the house... we have moved a couch or sofa, and we are putting our middle daughter's bed back in her new room, we used it as a guest room during Christmas, then her brother was home, she went away, now getting things settled

One of my favourite things... talking to my little girl

From my picture journal... my daughter in my childhood swimming hole

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scrappy quilter said…
Oooh I love that picture. Looks like a whole lot of fun. Boy is it hot there. We are sitting at 0 with lots of snow and more to come. Hugs
Renata said…
We also woke up to smoke in the air yesterday. Wonder where the fire was?
It sure turned into a hot day, although today is much nicer here.
Lovely photo of your daughter - looks like a wonderful place to go swimming.
Hope you have a nice day
Renata :)
Virginia said…
I love these posts of yours!

That picture looks like great fun.

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