An Update

Well I am bit short on photos, so I'll give you one of our dog drinking, how's that? LOL.

I was thinking of doing a Simple Woman post, or one like it, because I really thought I had done one for this week. Well the weekend must have come and gone without one. So here is an update.

We went past the place where my banner picture was taken, and the grass is really greenish looking now, not black. I didn't bring my camera, so I was sorry for that.

The girls have taken the camera on their holiday. On Monday I took them a third of the way to their Nana's house. Nana met us and shouted them lunch. As you know our son is staying at his brother's so for the first time in who knows when it is just the two of us.

It is probably just as well as my back went out, but it is not so bad that I can't put on clothes or sit, though it is a little uncomfortable.

I remember commenting on a Amanda's blog about her holiday with her husband. Amanda is celebrating her silver anniversary, as we are. Now I find myself alone with my husband as well. He is keeping himself busy, so in some ways it is like the kids are here. It is what I need though I think, the rest and peace and quiet. I don't usually say that.

I got a big fright about the fires. Apparently my uncle is worried too, and has been furiously watering. I am just thankful for this cool weather. Would you believe it was only 5 oC here this morning, which is 41 oF. No wood fires on in the heater, so I had to put on my jeans, t-shirt and polar fleece with socks.

Last night we had an Asian styled meal with a pumpkin soup base (here), and the colder weather made it very enjoyable. It was so quiet last night in bed, being in the country and cold, no heater fan, no teens outside, nothing.

We are in charge of all of our pets. My daughter got her trip to the regional centre, which is Albury/Wodonga. It was late night shopping in Albury but not Wodonga. We had it all worked out to go to Officeworks to buy a desk (pictured here), and Target to get a children's desk and butterfly chair that were in the catalogue. They were very cheap. I was saving money for a Pumpkin Patch order to come out of my credit card, and I was going to balance everything by buying the food last.

No desks were at the stores. I have a plan to get my son to buy them in the city and we pick them up when my son enrols in university. We have to turn up there with birth certificates and things after my husband starts work again after Australia Day ie 26th January.

We went to Pumpkin Patch to get pjamas for the holiday. My daughter wanted me to get the things in the order at the shop. I also didn't let my husband get light bulbs we can't buy here because of the tightness of the budget. As it turns out we have money left over because Pumpkin Patch had a big sale on, and when I rang about the order that hadn't arrived, they refunded the postage as I only had one item of the four. My daughter was right, so was husband. Oh well, try and try again.

Speaking of trying again, last summer it was very hot. My daughter missed out on travelling to Wodonga to get a bird for her birthday. So guess what, at around 4.45 in Albury, I remembered the closing times in Wodonga. Fortunately for us they were open to 5.30 at the pet shop, and she brought home a new cage, blue with two cute canaries, and some shell grit of a kind I haven't seen before and lots of things to the value that we usually give the kids for their presents.

They are still unnamed, and we have been keeping cat watch. We hung two chains so they are reasonably safe, but we still like to keep a watch on the cat. One is peach, but more like a mango colour, and the other one palish yellow with a black marking on the back of the head like a scarf.

I didn't realise how much time I must have spent with the canaries we had in our hometown. My uncle gave us ten and we had them in a budgie aviary.

Today the offers for university came out in our State. We knew in the back of our mind that they came a day earlier than the NSW ones. Today a parcel came in the mail from the university he applied for in Victoria. We quickly went online and found that he had a place there, which we are now working on deferring. You are able to defer on ground of other educational opportunities which is what we hope happens tomorrow.


Joyce said…
Hi Linda,

I'm so sorry to hear that your back went out. Are you feeling any better?

Congratulations on your silver wedding anniversary! We are about the same vintage; this July we celebrate our 28th anniversary.

I enjoyed reading about your daughter's budgies. In the past we have had budgies, a cockatiel, and finches as pets.

Today I'm going to try to do the 10 free things post that you asked me to do. :)

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