Back To Basics Challenge

This is for last week and this week.

Sowing seed or Planting

  • I am wondering if my jerusalem artichokes are flowering yet.

Planning for The Future

  • The meal planning has been exciting. I have really enjoyed some of the meals and they hopefully will replace old favourites.
  • I have been trying to source deb dresses and hope to work something out next week. What has this got to do with basics? I would rather my Mum did it, lol.
  • I have been thinking about other jobs at our newer house. Also I need to research how to manage Balm of Gilead, it seems to have taken over.

Working for the Future

  • This is a door my husband moved from the kitchen in our newer investment property/holiday house/possible future home. I mentioned another day we found a door at the tip/dump with glass in it to help bring light to the kitchen. The bathroom/bedroom doorway didn't have a door previously. I have no idea how to match the white to paint it, perhaps just a vivid white?
  • My daughter was given a bike by a person giving up their paper run. My husband is using brakes from a non geared bike we don't use and fixing the wheel and spokes and doing other jobs on the bike so she can use it. She prefers it to her own bike for riding up steep hills and things. He got some reflected pedals he got from the tip/dump today.

Building Community

  • I walked to school this week and was told of a change of days for a church based after school activity, so my daughter attended.

Learn a new Skill

  • Keeping up, at least a little, with university things to help our son. I know what a moodle is and cps pulse clicker. Not sure if I am any help at all actually, but it is interesting, and he seems to be doing well.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Debbie said…
I have an award for you drop by when you have a chance and pick it up

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