Girls filling the space their brother left

This is what is coming out of the girls room while they paint their nails blue for the swimming sports.

I have been reading Pollyanna by Eleanor Porter. Do you remember watching it on TV years ago? It is a nice novel once you get into it. Here is a nice page with the chapters to read.

I read somewhere on a blog about Pollyanna's glad game so I wanted to read the book. In the book it mentioned that in the bible there are 800? things on rejoicing and being glad.

Our son who is into his second week of uni, is having his birthday next week.

My daughter is asking for a deb dress, her friends already have theirs or quite a lot have, with only one practice under their belt. I am hoping my plan works, otherwise I am in big trouble. Any advice about buying deb dresses gratefully received!

If you google deb ball you will find down the page, what the Australian version of a debutante ball is. Here is a peek at what a deb dress looks like.

I still have a sore back. I was to sit here quietly for a few minutes, but one girl nearly sat on my while syncing her ipod. Another had to check her instructions for Youth Group on helping the younger kids, and they are having a great girl's chat at the moment.


Joyce said…
Ouch! I hope your back feels better soon, Linda.

I hope you find the dress you need for your daughter, too. That can be such a challenge.

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