Random January Photos

My brother's garden, complete with magpies. The girls visited him with my Mum. I lived there as a child and that area was not developed then. I had a pet sheep there instead. I can see why they held a wedding in his garden.

My childhood swimming hole again. The trees are wattle on the left. You can see below the bridge hasn't changed at all.

The succulent garden after the girls finished making it with Nana, I think it is really my middle daughter's.

It is very hard to concentrate on blogging it seems at the moment. Sitting is not very comfortable, sometimes it is hot, but basically I have been helping my son get ready for uni. He has been in his Orientation Week this week. So therefore I have had lots of photos going unused. I tried uploading a video that was very cute, of the girls with their Nana's puppy, but it takes ages. Maybe I will try again another time.

And what was that bird I was using as my banner lately? It was a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and it visits my Mum's backyard!

Shopping day last week, above.

Last night about tea time (dinner) my daughter, who turned 13 yesterday, started putting together the desk and chair for her sister that my son got from Target in the back to school catalogue, and later my husband helped her put together a large desk my son bought at Officeworks. We drove to the regional centre to get them but couldn't find any. I am amazed how she is able to put together beds, dismanted chook houses, and now put together desks.

I have since enjoyed reading, after Opal, A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist.


Virginia said…
Gorgeous photos!

It truly is an amazing thing to watch your kids grow up, isn't it?
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I love all your photos! Your brother's backyard is truly lovely enough for weddings being held there.

Those magpies are so large; I have never seen one before.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, though I've not been posting. I could do a post about all my excuses! Truly, though, I've been too busy, but things are calming down a bit, so I'm truly going to try to do a Daybook post on Monday.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful week. :)
Linda said…
Thanks Virginia and Joyce.

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