Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Monday...

Outside my window... lots of cars

I am thinking... I wonder how my son is going on his first day of uni

I am thankful for... my son was able to buy the desks and desk chair for the girls' rooms, my husband is picking them up this week

I am wearing... brown capris, and an awful(ish) brown/green t-shirt

I am remembering... soon the school holidays will be a memory, first day of school today for the girls

I am going... just to school later

I am reading... just finished Opal

I am hoping... things go smoothly at uni, seems good so far

On my mind... hoping my husband has enough time to get done what he needs to at work

Noticing that... some of the trees are turning colour when we have a month of summer left

From the kitchen... Sausage Casserole, made with chipolatas and potatoes like shepherd's pie

Around the house... a new succulent garden in a tub my Mum and daughter made

One of my favourite things... monarch butterflies when they are growing in my front yard

From my picture journal... going shopping last Thursday

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Renata said…
I hope your son enjoys uni. Is it early to be starting. My hubbys uni doesn't begin until March - but then thats external, so maybe it's different. We don't have any signs of an early autumn here, however I did wonder earlier when we had a cold snap whether it would come, but the heat is well & truely back.
Enjoy your back to school day & that succulent garden sounds very interesting - I have a lot growing here - really I think they are all that survived the last owners non watering.
Have a lovely Monday
Renata :)
Linda said…
Hi Renata.

My older son went to the same uni and started on the 11th February. But it is still early compared to the Melbourne unis I think.
scrappy quilter said…
Hard to believe your summer is almost over and our spring is soon to start although it doesn't start until much later then March 21st. Hope you have a wonderful day. Hugs
Virginia said…
First day of uni is so fun and scary...

I hope he loves it!
Linda said…
Thanks scrappy & Virginia.

He has nearly finished the orientation week, and have a timetable for the real start on Monday. Have one of the books, he hopes to get more today and some print credit lol.

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