Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Sunday & Monday...

Outside my window... sometimes there have been two monarch butterflies floating around the back lawn, hence the butterflies in my background on the blog

I am thinking... about my children's Facebook pages

I am thankful for... I remember being thankful for a few things this week.

I am wearing Sunday... the same thing I wear every evening when it is hot, sleeveless shirt and board shorts, I change into them in the afternoon, the mornings have been cool except for this weekend

I am remembering Monday... it is my second child's birthday today, no cake from the family today, aw.

I am going... deb dress and glove shopping & looking for school uniform

I am reading... I have read the last book two times and one skim, so now I am bored, but at least today my back allows me to do some things a little easier

I am hoping... I find what I want at the shops in one go

On my mind... shopping, big responsibility, 1 1/2 hours drive etc. etc.

Noticing that... it will be cold tonight back nearly to 10 oC, which isn't hot really

From the kitchen... I have chicken mince that I didn't know I bought. I read the docket but didn't see it

Around the house... the toy sewing machine has been getting a workout

One of my favourite things... my daughter's fabric bag she bought in Malaysia, it is always around where I can see it

From my picture journal... where I buy groceries, but not at night obviously

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Renata said…
Hi Linda
Great post - I just put my daybook up as well. I think your blog looks great! Also that header is just a beautiful picture.
Shopping sounds like fun - I hope you can find exactly what you're after. Have a great week
Renata :)
PS Is it alright if I put you on my blogroll? If not just leave a comment saying so.
Debbie said…
Linda the weather is getting cooler down you way it is slowly cooling here. Have fun dress shopping hope you find what you are looking for.
Mrs. V. said…
I had forgotten about the daybook posts ~ thank you for the reminder!

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