Skywatch Friday

These photos were taken a week ago by my husband in sunny North East Victoria, here in town. Today though if you were here, you would find it is far from sunny and pouring with rain.


Jossie said…
Stunning colours. Amazing!
VioletSky said…
Great photos. So crisp even when enlarged!
fickleinpink said…
beautiful warm colors!

waiting for the train
Princess of CJ said…
i think, you're given a little of heaven and then rain. lol. lovely photos.. reminds me of fire. it could have been the same day that we have the same skies here in brissy.
Guy D said…
These are incredible, I am in awe.

All the best
Regina In Pictures
What splendid skies, - the clouds seem low and friendly and the colours are gorgeous.
Crunchie's Mum said…
Beautiful photos and isn't the rain most welcome. We went from sweltering, humid weather one day to cool, rainy weather the next. Quite a contrast.

joolzmac said…
Very impressive photos, Linda. The colours are beautiful.

Cheers - Joolz
Lindz said…
the last photos down the bottom look so clam. it's been pouring rain here in sydney too.
Anonymous said…
What beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing.


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