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Well my library came good with novels, so I have read one, and will pick up the others today. I read Her Inheritance Forever by Lyn Cote. I hope I can get my hands on book 3.

My internet speed came back yesterday, so that is a good thing. I can't sit long periods though, which is a shame, but getting there.

I managed to put in a full days "work" yesterday. My daughter and I left home after 9 and got home well after 6. We drove our 1 1/2 hours to the regional centre, with the help of stopping every half an hour and some Panadol.

We went to the bridal shop to buy a deb dress. The lady made it very special. We bought a dress, gloves and a hair comb that is like a spray of silver flowers. After that we bought shoes, they are open toe with a medium heel, white. We have an appointment with a seamstress there to do alterations in about a month's time.

Today I got an appointment with a hairdresser in town, so I think I am nearly set for the deb ball.

I bought a pretty dress for my daughter who is eight to wear for it, and one for myself.

Another song I liked on the Country Music Awards recently was a song called Ain't Gonna Change for You by the McClymonts and Troy Cassar-Daley. It is great, it reminds me of the music of Elvis' That's Alright Mama. Wish I could show you a video. ( I did find it, you can listen here.)

We have an agricultural show/county fair or rather local fair on. I have been to the show office today. DH is flying out on a business trip soon, not that there is an airport close to here, but he is doing that. So I am plodding along, hoping my back keeps up. Lucky I have in a good supply of reading material. My daughter is serving coffees again this weekend. It makes me happy, she dresses up in her hospitality clothes and off she goes with her boyfriend.

Here is a video of Elvis instead.


Lyn Cote said…
So glad you enjoyed my Her Inheritance Forever. I loved writing it. The third book Her Abundant Joy will be out in USA June 1st. It's Carson Quinn's love story. I think it's the best thing I've written yet!
Renata said…
Glad you could find the deb things you needed - it seems like a fun night for the young people. I had never heard of deb balls until we came out here - I'm wondering if it's a country thing?
Hope you're having a great evening
Renata :)

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