R.I.P. Kristian Digby

As the maker of this movie says: "Time passes and waits for no man....Its hard to think it is almost a week since he left us. How time marches on...such a loss for us." He died Monday week.

I was watching Open House near the end of last week, having a really enjoyable time, just loving everything about Kristian. Then I saw the credits, ...Kristian Digby ??-Mar 2010, I had a lot to say, it was only the first week or so in March. I couldn't believe it. I haven't really watched TV since. Admittedly I find sitting in front of TV uncomfortable at the moment, but it is true, I haven't sat down to watch anything since.


Caroline said…
I was shocked when I read your post to see that he had died as I like watching him on T.V...but I must say I was even more shocked when I googled it to see how he had died!!
Linda said…
I'm sorry Caroline. That is probably why I didn't post this earlier.

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