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FOR TODAY Tuesday...

Outside my window... a smoky view, it was interesting last night, my husband thought I wasn't sure if I wanted a picture but I did... never mind you can imagine, it was like one we have taken before. It is from burning off and cleaning up I think

I am thinking... how happy I am to be getting things done

I am thankful for... my bills maybe working out so everyone is happy for another weeks, not the companies, the family lol. It is school holiday time combined with Easter and two lots of family visits

I am wearing... t-shirt and jeans and warm socks and scuffs inside

I am remembering... all the things I have to pay for and buy, for the school photos before the office closes down for the holiday and things like that, maybe I will even get the bracelet I wanted at Sussan to go with my new black dress. It is a slow progression to the deb ball in early May, same with the bill schedule I try to do a bit at a time

I am going... to a dressmakers appointment for my daughter's deb dress. I found out something watching TV the other day. In the US the boys ask the girls to the prom. In Australia ladies, the girls ask the boy to partner her for the deb ball, which is the girls coming out into society, and I think in a small place like here, it would still have that effect, I decided lol

I am reading... only The Long Winter for the read along

I am hoping... my back does not regress for a long period of time, I don't look forward to driving the car

On my mind... how I forgot to give the kids their Christmas stocking lollies/candy, that is really bad, I'm sure they will have a lovely munching time after school today lol

Noticing that... the birds have managed to find a way to fly in their cage

From the kitchen... fettucine carbonara, oh how I love parmesan cheese!

Around the house... Christmas stockings lol

One of my favourite things... the color of the gladioli that is out at my other house this week

From my picture journal... from our other house, this is what is one one of the trees at the moment

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Jandante said…
That is a beautiful tree, Linda, was wondering what it is?
I attended a Granddaugter's Deb ball last September, the first one since her Mum (daughter) was flower girl at one. It is a minefield when some spend so much on it.
Homestay Mama said…
Are those lychee fruit on your tree? They kinda look like the lychee trees we saw when we lived in Hawaii.
Homestay Mama said…
No, after another look, I see they're not lychee fruit. I have never seen this fruit before. Is it some kind of cherry? But it can't be cherries at this time of the year. ???
Linda said…
It is a weird photo. It is an ornamental autumn small tree, I suppose berries?
Linda said…
Hi Jandante, I remember flowergirls at debs back when I was about 15 and 16, in the late 70s or 1980. Beautiful!

I think we didn't have enough formal clothes for ourselves, though I did get my 13 year old a dress for her brother's high school graduation. The graduation lasted only a few minutes which was disappointing. I couldn't go that time, not enough tickets to go around. I also got our 19 year olds clothes if he is able to make it as he was in the graduation.

So I bought my little girl a dress. The dressmaker is doing alterations at the store, we got the dress and hairpiece from, and gloves.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
Well, I'm commenting on the tree photo, too. What a lovely tree! The leaves look a bit like eucalyptus to me.

I'll try to post a Daybook, maybe tomorrow. :)
Jandante said…
I must admit I thought it is a lychee too, though I didn't know what the leaves look like.

I'm looking forward to the pics of the deb ball.
Linda said…
I've posted another pic of the tree girls.
Linda said…
Joyce, the leaf on the left does look like eucalyptus.
scrappy quilter said…
Again found it so interesting reading about your life. The tree is beautiful!! Hugs
Linda said…
My husband brought me a bunch, and it is like a European version of a lillypilly.

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