Sunshine Award!

Wow, I like this award. Thank you so much to Debbie @ Simply Me for awarding it to me. Debbie's is one of those lovely Australian blogs that I am slowing finding out there. Debbie has a link to an Australian url called American Yarns that sounds interesting, anyone for Sugar n' Cream cotton. She brightens my day as well.

And now on to the rules:

1. Post the award
2. Pass on to 12 bloggers that brighten your day
3. Link to nominees
4. Link back to givers.

1. Joyce @ Mom's Musings
2. Linda @ At Home On The Rock
3. Joolzmac @ Simply Joolz
4. Mandy @ The Old Dairy
5. Cathy @ Cathy's Capers
6. Belinda @ Belinda's Place
7. Mary @ Civilla's Cyberquarium Cafe
8. scrappyquilter @ Scraps N Pieces of Our Lives
9. Enchanted Moments I just found the day I was writing my draught, it brightened my day
10. Paola @ Spades and Spoons
11. Virginia @ Virginia is for...
12. Renata @ Sunnyside Farm Fun


Renata said…
Hi Linda
You certainly deserve your award - I really enjoy your blog! Thanks so much for passing it on to me!
I just have to add I LOVE your new blog look! - you've done a great job!
Have a nice day
Renata :)
Linda said…
Thanks Renata. Hugs.
Joyce said…
Thank you so much, Linda! <3
I really like your new blog layout. It has such lovely colors and textures, plus there's additional info about you in the sidebar. Very nice!
The Old Dairy said…
Thank you so much for my award how lovely a sunshine award, after all this rain it is welcome..Love the new look of your blog...
Debbie said…
You deserve the award I do enjoy your blog.
Linda said…
You guys are lovely, thank you.
Thanks so much, Linda!

I absolutely love your new blog layout...the colours, the graphics etc.
Thank you for the blog award Linda,
Have a lovely weekend...xx
scrappy quilter said…
Congrats on the award Linda. Thanks for passing it on to me. It's deeply appreciated. Hugs

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