Thankful Thursday

Thursday ~ I got a three lovely $20 Myer etc. gift cards in the mail from participating in Your Voice surveys

Friday ~ my daughter went to youth group and was given a bag of second hand clothes

Saturday ~ seeing a special bulb that my mil gave me that I wasn't sure if we had treated right, flower, that and a stunning white gladioli she gave me as well

Sunday ~ we had the ingredients to make a nice recipe using up some vermicelli noodles. Since I was doing a pantry challenge already, being able to make an extra meal was wonderful. It is called Noodle Frittata with Plum Sauce.

Monday ~ a special parcel in the mail with lots of things that I like very much, and needed, a gift.

This month Thankful Thursday is at Women Taking A Stand.


Mary R. said…
I love those bags of used clothing! I hardly ever have to buy clothes. Only if I want to.
Out Back said…
Lots to be thankful for on your list Linda.

I used to love getting bags of second hand clothes for myself and the girls when they were younger, it felt like Christmas. I miss those times as they don't happen anymore.

Your blog is looking very cheery and bright for Autumn.

It is 37C here today, I thought Summer had gone but alas it has returned, hopefully for one LAST blast...

Have a wonderful day,

Denise said…
Enjoyed this post.
Jandante said…
Hi Linda, sounds like a great week at your place.
Karen said…
I love getting nice surprises in the mail. It was nice to read your post this morning. Have a great day.
Rita T. said…
Praise the Lord for those clothes! I went window shopping the other day and was totally blown away with the cost of brand new clothing.
Pam Ponder said…
thats a great list of things to be thankful for, blessings
2 certificates, wow! I got one and was thrilled and went to the book store and got a new book. Thrilling!
belinda said…
Hi Linda,

Feel free to delete this rather than publish.

If your family likes indian based flavours this lady, , has really nice recipes.

Kind Regards
Linda said…
Thanks very much Belinda. I have very nearly all the ingredients and will be able to choose a recipe for this fortnight's menu at the end of the week, and hopefully save some money. All the pictures look delicious now that I have looked further, not just the soup.

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