Thankful Thursday

Thursday ~ I was given a turkey to cook.  Those who follow my blogs may know that I was doing a meatless menu because I was trying to save money.  I did buy some frankfurters as they were only $4 kilo.  Also some bacon as I had all the other ingredients for Fettucine Carbonara.  I wonder how many meals you can make for five or six from a turkey, it is a marinated one, I don't think I knew about those.

Also we were given a Target gift card for $50 and my daughter found an old Target card that has a few dollars on it, that turns out to be still current.  I will be buying either socks or a winter nightie.

I have been wanting a deck chair to sit out in the garden, would you believe since 2002.  I used to sit in the front yard in our hometown before we moved for the one year to Flowerdale then came here.  I had my eyes on a moon chair, but wanted a deck chair really.  Every time I go to the newer house to help with gardening, I sit on these plastic kids chairs, very uncomfortable.  Now I think I have 5!  I was given them, they were nearly the same as my original one, that I used in our first house that we lived in for 16 years.

My girls were given two sets of three matching hat boxes, very pretty, I always wanted those too.  

I couldn't leave the post without mentioning the large box of clothes my Mum posted for our second son with money for jeans, the money we were given for petrol for going to our new house to renovate and two weeks labour by two people to get some things done.

I have been working on my budget for ages trying to get it to work.  Hopefully all will go smoothly, especially with all the kindness added in.

I am trying out these ads as I think they are fun.  I should have put it at the end, sorry about that.  Search for thankful

This month Thankful Thursday is at Women Taking A Stand.  During April you can find Thankful Thursday at Spiritually Unequal Marriage.


Mary R. said…
Sounds like you have the same stores there that we have here!
scrappy quilter said…
Don't you just love it when you find ways to save. As to the turkey, that's awesome. I personally think turkey is one of the best buys for the price they are. I know you were given yours so that's even better. You can make so many different meals from one turkey. Love this list. Hugs
DayPhoto said…
Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am enjoying getting to know more and more people from your great country!

Denise said…
Thanks for sharing your blessings.
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I am glad for the kind gifts you received, too. That is so uplifting and encouraging. Hope your menu planning works out. :)

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