That's My World Tuesday

As a lot of you know, I don't live near a city, but halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. The closest city is Canberra, four hours away. But we are Victorians, and most of my life I have lived 3 hours from Melbourne. These photos are from St. Kilda in Melbourne, where my husband spent two days to learn about a curriculum that is a lot of fun.

As a family member lived near here for awhile, it is like a second home to us.

These are trams, and I love them. I love Melbourne, actually and the trams are part of that.


J Bar said…
terrific shots. I find the Melbourne Luna Park face a little more disturbing than the also disturbing Sydney Luna Park face,
Sydney - City and Suburbs
Sylvia K said…
Colorful and fun shots of your world! It looks like a delightful place. I've always wanted to visit Australia and even more so since I started blogging as I've met so many lovely people from there. Hope you have a great week!

Joyce said…
Melbourne looks like a lovely place to visit, Linda!

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