Today's Flowers

I went to our new house yesterday, it was a gardening day. However, the lawn is so large, all my husband was able to do was weed around the front of the house, near the door and the bed along the front wall. However, the bulbs my MIL gave me a few months? ago and we planted out have been happily growing and gave us a nice surprise. The gladi is in a new bed, that is not quite finished, but we are very excited about the bed. The poor trees with grass around them are osmanthus birkwoodii, we think we will pot them back up rather than let them grow and shade the neighbours roses. I am not a big fan of couch lawns, for obviously reasons.

I also was very happy with my windflower (reminds me of Edna Walling) they grow so well at our new house, very high. The highest we have ever had them in our garden. It is a shame I don't get to see much of my flowers at that house. We are very attached to the house in a lot of ways. Quiet and peaceful among over things.

Our jerusalem artichokes have budded up, haven't been able to write a Back to Basics post, hopefully I can be organised and make up a BTB post soon.

The bulb is very unusual to me. I think it is a gearnsey lily, I know it is named after a cow! Or was it a jumper? I couldn't follow the directions very well, but decided to treat it a bit like a hippestrum. By guernsey? I don't mean nerines. I wonder if it was mislabelled?

Flowers from Today blog.


Denise said…
Hi Linda, a lovely display in your photographs. Thanks very much for sharing them with us at Today's Flowers. Have a great week.
Belinda said…
Hi Linda,

Cathy over at Cathy's Capers has provided a lot of information about that particular flower(I know it as ox tongue lily, I guess that is sort of cow related) in her Today's Flowers post.

Kind Regards
Jandante said…
Hi Linda, nice to see your flowers, lovely pics, some I haven't seen before. Will look out for your posts. All the best.
Beth said…
I bet they smell as wonderful as they are beautiful! Great photoing! Keep it up the good work.
Mary R. said…
Oh, that's just lovely!!! Thanks for sharing. It's just now getting to be spring here -- still lots of snow, though, and possible flooding in a couple of weeks.
Linda said…
Thanks Belinda!
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
I recommended your blog to Blog Interviewer as one of my favorites, but I need to warn you that at the very end of the online interview, they try to get you to sign up for 'offers'. This is so time-consuming, and potentially expensive.

The interview itself seems to be legitimate. :)
Judy said…
The glads certainly are happy! I wonder what that oddity is, too.
Umatji said…
Lovely photos of the flowers - we had such an amazing garden when we moved in here but the previous owners poured the water on it in ways you could not believe so we have had to sacrifice so many lovely bits and pieces to a reasonable watering system...
That is our world though!
Cathy said…
Hello Linda
Looks like those lilies are blooming all over the place - another blogger from South Australia mentioned hers to me -
Hope you are feeling a lot better now
Take care
Olive said…
Thanks for your visit Linda, It would seem that I now have to take another picture of my "triffids". first thing tomorrow. I know it as Ox Tongue Lilly

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