Tracy made my day!

A Hug From Pooh

Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm, you have made my day. Thank you Tracy.

Tracy had a giveaway "to mark the start of a new year full of potential and promise" that she announced here. And I was the winner, here. I am so happy with my prize. I heard the parcel lady come by, and was very surprised. All the things in the parcel are things I like, alot. I especially needed the hanging towel, as I had already decided I somehow needed to get my hands on one to replace another one. Not an easy thing since they are handmade. I found a pattern in a November magazine it must have been November 2008, and tried to buy a back copy, need to try to do that again, it is Better Homes & Gardens. The towel appropriately has a farm picture on it.

Also I have nothing to read today. Still trying to rest my back, Tracy sent me a copy of Cindy Woodsmall's The Sound of Sleigh Bells!! I know I will like it as Tracy likes the same kinds of novels I like. I am still unfamiliar with our replacement camera, it was our son's before us. Maybe I could get a pic later on.

Handmade natural soap, edged facewasher (I needed one of those too, seriously), a library bag, I actually did say to myself I needed one of those. My daughter and I have been using one my Mum made for my middle daughter, but it has her name on it. I thought it would be nice to have one for my little girl and I to use. Thank you Tracy. I like natural soap, dislike too many perfumes, thanks.

All wrapped up in a large good quality teatowel, also something I needed. Hugs Tracy.

Tracy's blog Sunny Corner Farm is a new one, and I see lots of new posts since I visited last (I still have trouble sitting for long periods). If you haven't been over there, you will enjoy it. Tracy relaunched, her old blog was lovely as well.


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