Watery Wednesday

These photos were taken today while I was at the dentist. Three of the kids came. My middle daughter used her money from her paper run and got shoes and lots of $5 t-shirts from Jay Jays I think. These photos are from my hometown, I used to take the older kids to play in the park and I think my husband used to take them to feed the ducks regularly, then it dropped away before we moved. It is hard to remember now, and I suppose that is a good thing.

Among the ducks were wood ducks, which are actually not ducks, but native geese. My husband years ago used to like hunting ducks. You can also see the kindergarten some of my kids went to for pre-school.


Anna said…
Rauhallista idylliƤ luonnossa.. Kaunista!
Debbie said…
What a pretty park, I could walk there all day

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