What I learnt this week

Today I woke to a new thing on Blogger, with new blog templates etc. and decided to try one out. Yesterday there was the ability to advertise books and things. What I have learnt is:

1. I lost my label drop down box. I love blogger so I expect this glitch in bringing across things like that will disappear. However mine is lost.

2. At the moment I can't change fonts.

3. Having book ads means you have to use the new editor, hmmm.

All a bit overwhelming but fun I suppose.

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Debbie said…
I was going to go the ads on blogger too but not sure whether I want too.
i will wait till it works out the glitches I think.
Debbie said…
Hey, your new blog template does look very good though.
Tatersmama said…
I got the same message from Blogger this morning, but haven't gone in to check it out yet.
Do you think you'll stick with it... or change back?
I do like the new page. But it's only worth keeping, IF it will do what you want!
Linda said…
Debbie, the ads are really fun, no glitches, and for me if it pulls up interesting things to read that is great. The only thing is that if you prefer the old editor it could be a problem.

I may have my code saved somewhere for the drop down box, hopefully.

Will I stick with the new editor and the ads? At the bottom you will notice something, apparently there is a review and you get them matched to your blog. I probably want to wait to see what comes up. Then if I change it seems like a waste of their time. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. I haven't seen if I can go back to the old editor.
I have'nt ventured to trying it out yet.
What is a drop down box??
Must say your blog looks ripper with the new template though
Jandante said…
Hi Linda,
I love your Autumn leaves.
I've had a quick look at my site and can't see anything different.
We've been busy getting ready to go away, will be back the Tuesday after Easter.
All the best to everyone - Jan
Linda said…
A dropdown box is those arrows down where things appear that you can click on.

Jandante, we got an email today, not sure if yours will come at the same time or not. I think you need the email to see things?
Jandante said…
Thanks Linda, I haven't noticed an email.... and I will be away for the next week. I will see what is happening when I get back.
All the best.... Jan
Julie said…
Hi Debbie,

Great lessons! Thanks for linking up this week!

Julie From Inmates

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