Back to Basics Challenge

From 21st March onwards:

Sowing seed or Planting

Have been reading up on hollyhock growing.

Planning for The Future

My planning for the deb ball is going along. I decided from the Woman's Weekly I bought that I only need a black and bobbly bracelet to go with my outfit. And shoes hopefully if I can manage that hopefully similar looking. I saw a bracelet in the Sussan catalogue and also saw one for $11 in Big W similar. I didn't get to buy it though, the dentist took the whole amount I had set aside for them. However I will get another chance when we pick up my daughter's dress.

Working for the Future

My husband heard from his Dad that when my motor got fixed in my duel fuel car, that they probably didn't set the spark plugs for gas/LPG. He rang the gas workshop and found out to set them 10% closer and he did that. It should help me help start the car in winter. The fuel economy is bad not sure if it will help with that or not. It needs gas tuning and a trip to the regional centre.

I wrote that we looked through our paint. I thought if I could bot some paint that my inlaws had in their shed that they didn't want that may help. They said they were coming to help out, and painted the fence at our newer house. My husband finished it up and painted two panels on the front of the house that were bare hardiplank. Father in law suggested that the nails needed painting with metal primer first. He brought his own and did that. My husband says that even though hardiplank doesn't need painting, it does take in water being unpainted.

Our undercoat ran out, otherwise we have more paint that our inlaws bought cheaply to do some other jobs. The fence was a very big job.

Took the opportunity while fatherinlaw and my husband took a trip to the paint store for undercoat (we decided that was all we were going to buy though) to get our fan from the Barbeque place. I had tried to pick it up but the shops were shut for the Albury Cup race meeting. My husband installed it into the heater ready for winter.

Building Community

I sorted through some clothes with the two older girls and got two shopping bags full of clothes and took them to the op-shop bin.

Learn a new Skill

My husband used the internet page that my daughter found and cut her hair. Her sister thought the hairdresser did it.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


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