Back to Basics Challenge

From April 7

Sowing seed or Planting

Harvested a large amount of raspberries x 2

Planning for The Future

starting to work on next fortnight's meal planning

Working for the Future

My husband found another two doors at the tip. Both were nice I thought. We hope we get a chance to put one of the doors in the dining room at our other house. I wanted another door with a section that glass could be added to, as the dining room would be nicer with more light. As with the door open light goes onto the wall behind the dining table which is more pleasant.

Building Community

I read the local newspaper, that for me is effort, it is challenging sometimes

Learn a new Skill

My husband made a yeast gingerbread to help out with our pantry challenge. It smelt very nice and is made with treacle. He used two bread pans we found and cleaned up that we think used to be from the bakery.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


scrappy quilter said…
heh are you not in your other house yet? I'm always confused as to where you are. I also enjoy reading your back to basics challenge. It encourages me to look at ways to get back to basics. Hugs
Jan said…
Gingerbread - delicious, and the house would have smelt wonderful... I love the aroma. I always had the idea I would like to make gingerbread, but I never have.
I like as much light as possible too.
Have a very nice week, Linda.
Linda said…
Despite the fact that the other house is peaceful, grows nice plants and has wonderful birdlife, we are preparing it for sale over the winter. I suppose it also gives us time to be sure about our decision.
Linda said…
Thank you Jan, I hope you have a nice week too.

Hugs to you too scrappy.

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