Back to Basics Challenge

Sowing seed or Planting

I forgot to mention the jam melons we harvested on Saturday 17th.

Planning for The Future

I had a great menu planned until Tuesday week, still do. I went to the regional centre (1 1/2 hours) to pick up the deb dress. (Yes, it is home!) I didn't have as much money as I thought, so worked out the food to last until Wednesday, which also meant finding two recipes to swap with the others that used less ingredients I had to buy. The regional centre is so much better than here right? Wrong. Surprising though. I had pumpkin, cat food, dog food, and toilet paper and 2 cans of tomatoes on the list. Weighed pumpkin. Had all but the tomatoes (added up to less than $20, I had $32 in the bank. Loud speaker says that eftpos was down, cash only. Left daughter with the trolley, walked to the rediatm (not far) and got $20. Very thankful for the timing of the whole thing. I saw another lady use a cheque. Do Coles really take personal cheques?

My internet was slow when I was redoing my menu. It is interesting that Coles has a $10 challenge promotion to save money (one of my recipes must be from the site? or I was looking there). If Coles are appealing to people with less money, who perhaps have slower internet, it is nearly impossible to wait for the site to load to find a recipe that may or may not suit, or to double check the menu. Menus take awhile as you have to search for recipes.

Working for the Future

The little girls and Dad had to go to the tip to get parts for the bike our middle girl uses for her paper run. We think bike back wheels are hard to come by as people may use them for yabbying. Middle daughter was tenacious and just before they left she found the perfect back wheel, followed by a bird cage just as good as one she bought in February only in purple. The people took the cage apart to throw it away in sections, but they found all the parts. A lovely Chinese treasure box and a card table.

The first woodcutting for the season.

Building Community

I think I will take two unwanted speakers to the op-shop.

Learn a new Skill

We have been learning how to cook with black lentils.

This meme comes from Belinda's blog.


Out Back said…
Good post Linda.

You are still lucky to be able to go and pick up stuff at the tip. NOT allowed to here anymore...

It's amazing how resourceful one can be when financially challenged. Frugal is good!

Jan said…
In years past, when scavenging was allowed,it seemed that hubby would come home from the tip with more than he took...ssmile...

Good for you that your children are learning to be so resourceful, and not expecting the latest new stuff.

Have a good week.
Love - Jan
Linda said…
I probably should have mentioned we don't have a K-mart we can go to on Sundays, so the whole thing is fantastic.

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