Dear John Book Review

Has anyone read it?

It has been a few days possibly, maybe not, and I have an awful memory, but here goes. Possibly a spoiler if you haven't read it. Maybe I will split it into two parts. Spoiler and non-spoiler.

Did I like the novel?

Yes and no. Yes, basically I liked the novel. It is milder than a Barbara Delinsky novel if you want to categorise it. But with all non-Christian novels you wonder if their thinking is straight, and it keeps you wondering until I give up.

How did I come to read it?

My 13 year old daughter wanted me to put it onto my library list for books for the library to bring to our branch for me. I don't think it is suitable for that age, but I think those are the people that read it, not sure.

What didn't you like about the novel?

The ending had John telling Savannah that he still would marry her if he could. Given that she is already married, how many men would have said that. Did he want her looking at the moon for the rest of her life?

Was the part about 9/11 awful?
No, it was very well done, well mostly, a tiny bit of battle mentioned.

The characters from dim memory where Christian except John the Army guy. In the end the Army guy ended up with better character than they had perhaps. Why is that? Didn't Savannah feel like she should stick to John because of her physical commitment to him, or did circumstances get in the way?

Some discussion questions that I have picked an chosen from here and here:

Trying to explain her interest in John’s dad’s coin collection, Savannah says, “The saddest people I’ve ever met in life are the ones who don’t care deeply about anything at all. Passion and satisfaction go hand in hand.” Do you agree with Savannah? Do you think John’s father is a satisfied man?

I find crusty people have lots of passions, so I am not sure Savannah is right, it was thought provoking though.

Why does John get so angry when Savannah suggests what she does about his father and how, in the end, does this revelation change John’s life and his relationship with his father?

He gets angry about the watching of his father. I have experienced the same thing. It was possibly unbelievable that he changed his mind about that, supposedly because he started doing it too.

Savannah is described by both herself and Tim as being somewhat naïve. Do you think Savannah is naïve? Why or why not?

I found the start of their relationship amazing, when asked to talk about herself she started talking about her parents. Possibly this is because of her age.

Did you think John and Savannah's love story was believable? Why or why not?

Considering how sheltered Savannah seemed, though she did see lots of things at uni I think possibly, why did she talk to the Army guy on the beach?

Apparently the movie is much different to the novel. I was wondering about that. The book seems to have so much to pack into a movie length.

I was helped by coming across Nicholas Sparks website and his background information. Of the reviews on the web, this one is good. Anyone with an interest in autism may find it interesting as well.

Excerpt here.


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