Do you like utes?

I am thinking there are so many colours of them lately. How many have you spotted in your travels? My daughter's took this gorgeous photo for me today.


Jan said…
It is amazing to me that utes have become almost cult heroes, for want of a better term, to some people, gleaming and expensive with all kinds of extras. Then there are the shows or musters that their proud owners enter them in, so far removed from their workhorse beginnings. I don't follow them, but I have been in the same place as them a couple of times, the Millmerran Camp Oven Festival in particular comes to mind.
Blessings - Jan
Linda said…
My feeling is that NSW has more utes than here in Victoria, and love them more. The bullbars are more like cowcatchers that you see on Thomas the Tank Engine for little kids.

I admit to having an aerial and cb that I don't use, and driving lights. However I prefer my 4x4 because it has more clearance than some of the utes have.

Nothing seems to go better than a early 70s holden that is for sure.

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