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Outside my window... at nine this morning it was foggy I though, now you can't see the mountain at all, I think it is smoke, the air does have a slight smell

I am thinking... I haven't read much this week, on Monday I had finished reading a book, probably the day before, I remember trying to read some of By The Shores of Silver Lake for the discussion/read-a-long, wow

I am thankful for... having such a good visit with the doctor. This is the first time since being in this town (6 years) that I have had a proper appointment with the doctor that I now consider to be my own doctor. So I have a doctor and only had one visit. Maybe now I will relax about it a bit. This morning I had blood work done, as you could imagine it is time

I am wearing... jeans, orange t-shirt, and I changed into my fleecy windcheater, I feel cold, a bit chillier this morning

I am remembering... the deb parents meeting and the ticket, flower wrist posy and photographer appointment buying/paying I went to on Tuesday. The police and the photographer spoke and I assume the trainer.

I am going... combined grocery shopping and picking up the deb dress, next week a hair consultation with the new hair comb we are picking up with the dress and gloves

I am reading... I haven't decided. I have a beautiful children's book called Once upon a time in the kitchen by Carol Odell (link to BigW). I saw a review for it in an old magazine. It makes me wonder why I haven't been getting classic children's books for my eight year old to read. In my defence I have some from the 60s, but I wouldn't offer them to the kids, they are double sided ones. Anyone have those? I have a new Alice in Wonderland and she has been reading that. The review was lovely but the book is even better

I am hoping... to get everything on my list and stay on budget

On my mind... first year uni stuff, VCE stuff, and even year 8 stuff, haven't got into a comfortable routine with helping yet, how much or how little to do

Noticing that... the daylight seems very short now, and the jays were having a lovely group sing this morning in the fog. Then it seemed like not long afterwards the cockatoos had a go

Pondering these words... from children's book above: "Famous Five: Five Have a Wonderful Time, Enid Blyton. These five children and their dog have so much fun playing around the house, in the garden and in the countryside. They turn everything into an adventure."
The recipe chosen for that book, Famous Eggs

From the kitchen... Mexican Macaroni Cheese before the cheese gets eaten up (we buy 1kg at a time or 2lbs)

Around the house... I have my finished shopping list and menu

One of my favourite things... beautiful emoticons

From my picture journal... another picture of my mysterious tree

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Out Back said…
Thanks for sharing your day Linda.

We are still having warm weather although the nights can be much cooler now.

Sending best wishes to you and your family, I don't comment that often but I still check in on you.

Have a great day,
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
Here is a link to a list I made of some of our children's favorite books from when they were little:
I wonder if you like any of these?
I hope to do another Daybook post one of these days but we've been sick and I'm still feeling lazy. :P

Hope you all are staying well.
Jan said…
Hi Linda, I read so many of the Enid Blyton books as a child, including the Famous Five, it is wonderful that you are encouraging your children to read. I go into some homes and there isn't a book in sight.
Thank you for you complimentary comments about my page.... and I've loved your Autumn Leaves since I first saw them.
All the best for the Deb Ball.
Eni said…
Hi Linda, I am exhilarated at your listing of Enid Blyton's books such as Five Have A Wonderful Time as having inspired you to read as achild. I too as a child read a lot Enid Blyton's books, including, of course, The Famous Five. Thus, my affection for Enid Blyton and her books led me to write and publish a book on her, titled, The Famous Five: A Personal Aencdotage (
Stephen Isabirye

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