How was your Weekend?

Friday ~ the girls went to Youth Group. Make an extremely long banana split. It is amazing how far some groceries will go by the sound of it. Yes, it was gone very quickly. They carved banana figures, my daughter made some character with teeth, that some people, not sure how, thought was spongebob. I think they watched Bananaman. Daughter's bike broke on the way home.

Saturday ~ raining, raining. Our son had a 21+1 birthday party and his friends bought him an Apple TV?

Sunday ~ apparently the girls chatted all the way to the farm to cut wood. It is about half an hour away. I liked hearing about that, sounds like Dad and the girls were enjoying each other's company.

Monday ~ a long weekend here for Anzac Day. Our son had a day off uni as well. He had to do a project, probably his first uni project. My husband cut down our blue salvia here at home and tied up the rosemary and we could smell it on him very distinctly.

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Jan said…
Lovely to read about your family, and everyone enjoying being together, Happy Birthday to your son.
Jodi said…
Thanks for playing along! Sounds like a fun weekend!
Debbie said…
Sounds like a great weekend!

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