Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY Friday...

Outside my window... a lovely sunny day, though it seems a little darker now, blue mountains
I am thinking... about my daughter talking about our soup on Facebook. What is your favourite soup?

I am thankful for... having a well stocked pantry, very handy for doing the $21 challenge. I noticed Coles has a $10 challenge, though they are not exactly the same thing

I am wearing... jeans, pink windcheater, t-shirt, fluffy slippers, socks

I am remembering... that my eldest was born 22 years ago today, makes me feel more mature, he says he feels the same (same as usual, sorry)

I am going... I may go to our other house and join in a gardening day

I am reading... finished Twice Loved by Lori Copeland, yes I am getting through the novels, much more comfortable for me that sitting on a chair, ouch

I am hoping... I can throw out my 10 year old magazine collection. Just need to rip the article out that I am keeping each one for. Luckily I don't buy magazines anymore

On my mind... not much now, maybe posting empties your mind lol

Noticing that... the parrots have started sitting in trees, holding clumps of tree and eating then dropping them on the ground

Pondering these words... "...My point is, no one really cares what anyone thinks. They only care what everyone thinks and they dive into the pool that is the majority. You've got more of a brain than that, Haley, and that's why you don't fit in..." ~ The Trophy Wives Club p81 Kristin Billerbeck a Christian chic lit novel?

From the kitchen... going to finally try aduki beans, though it hasn't happened yet lol, apparently they can be made into Japanese puddings

Around the house... some new to us furniture we got from a group that gives things away in our area on Facebook, we don't have Freecycle close by

One of my favourite things... my daughter's silver makeup and things box

From my picture journal... recently unveiled statue

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Debbie said…
Happy Birthday to your Son....22 is mature don't you think :0)
The days have been lovely here too but the mornings are starting to cool.
My favourite soup is probably minestrone as the beans in it seem to fill me up more, but I do like any soup.
I like reading your daybook
Have a good weekend
Joyce said…
Hi Linda,
Yes! Happy Birthday to your son. He's just a bit younger than our second son. Though 22 sounds young, a person can be quite grown up by that time. :)

Are you going to tell us what your family's favorite soup is? Ours is a creamy, cheesy potato soup with some broccoli in it.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
Linda said…
I am not sure about my favourite soup. But the family I think likes pumpkin and pea and ham soup with kranskys added to it and brussels sprouts.
Linda said…

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