So soon after Easter and I have a...


It is from Paola at Spades and Spoons. I won a blog giveaway there. The first thing I came across when I opened the parcel and took out my two copies of Backyard Farmer, was an article about Paola's winemaking at her place. I saw the grapes and wondered, and yes it was! I was pleased with the picture of the flagons? it reminded me of my late Italian uncle and other childhood memories.

Then I came across an article on Hollyhock growing, so I will be stuck there for awhile. I have hollyhock seeds that my mil gave me, they didn't get planted this year. I have had them before but not something I have deliberately planted myself. I am slightly unsure how to grow them. So, already I am very happy. And out slipped a beautiful card. Thank you so much Paola!


Paola said…
You are most welcome Linda!

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