Spiritual Sundays

On Friday I was listening to my Need to Breathe The Outsiders album in the car. My daughter wanted me to have their music for my car. I have long distances to drive sometimes. Two of the guys from what I have just read are sons of an Assembly of God pastor. My favourite song is Prisoner, it is just fun.


sarah said…
I never heard of these guys...great. thanks for sharing this...
Kadeeae said…
Hmmm....either you have 2 blogs or a 'twin'. LOL

Thanks for stopping over to mine, but didn't know it was 'you' until I nosed around this blog.

If that made sense.

Whidbey Woman said…
I love the name of their group- NEED TO BREATHE. Wow. There are some many times that the wild pace of life and all the problems we encounter leave us breathless.
We need to breath, we need to pray and we need to listen to what God is telling us. Thanks for sharing this music today! Have a great week.
Charlotte said…
Welcome to Spiritual Sundays, Linda. I'm so glad you chose to join us. I've never heard the term Treechanger before. I'm curious. What is a treechanger? Thank you for sharing this delightful video.
Jan said…
Have not heard of them.... yes I could listen to them.... very good song.
Linda said…
Kadeeae I have two blogs lol.

Charlotte, treechanger is one of the many versions of seachanger. People who leave more urban areas to live by the sea. In my case it was accidental because of my husbands work, it too us to a forested area 1 1/2 hours from shops like Aldi and Target.
I loved this song. I'm so glad you shared it today. I'm alway trying to find new Christian music. It is nice to meet you, thank-you for joining in on Spiritual Sunday.

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