Thumbs Up Hamish and Andy

Billboard my husband took a photo of in St. Kilda

Hamish reads Fred Basset every Friday, and Andy doesn't like Fred Basset and he tries to do things to Hamish to stop him reading it. These two are on the radio every day from 4-6 pm. Fred Basset is newspaper comic strip in the Herald Sun where we live.

Because of this my daughter who is 13, now reads the newspaper to read Fred Basset. Interestingly, when I was young I liked this cartoon too, though I can't remember much about it. Reading newspapers turns out to be a valuable asset in the later years of schooling, so thank you Hamish & Andy.

Because my daughter delivers newspapers she has a break and reads Fred Basset. On the off weeks, she now visits the Herald Sun in the school library. Below is the episode where hot meat pies are thrown? Not that I am into food fights.


Jan said…
Yes it is wonderful when children develop a reading habit...I know.... you will never hear the horrible whinge...I am bored.... there will never be enough time to read everything on their list.
never heard of this........I too encouraged my kids to read whenever possible, as I love to read.

You're the first person to say I look more Canadian than British. I am very British looking though, with my fair skin and light hair.

Gill in Canada
Linda said…
I know you do. I wonder if the hat contributed to looking Canadian?

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